ahmash (ahmash) wrote,

Не приходит товар с ebay

Заказал некую мелочь из Китая. Прошло 40 дней.
Спросил у продавца чозанафиг.
Ответ такой:
i'm sorry that you didn't receive the goods !
we shipped your goods on Nov-21 via normal mail!
it usually needs 30-45 days to arrive in your country!
but since it was near Christmas day when we ship it.so it will take some more days to reach you!
did you mind to wait for it some more days?
if you cann't wait for it any more,please let us know!

Теперь в задумчивости, ибо ждать можно не больше 5 дней. Что бы ему написать?


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